Product & UX Consultant



Samir Rashed

Product & UX Consultant based in London


Samir Rashed is a Product & UX Consultant based in London. He likes to create truly useful products that delight users, be part of ambitious projects and work with teams that share his enthusiasm and love for technology.

He also likes to write about himself in the 3rd person and not take himself too seriously.

After studying Music in Leeds and working as a Graphic Designer in Bristol, he found his true home in Tech when he moved back to London, working first as a developer and then moving into UX and Product Management.

Twice a founder/co-founder, he’s a startup enthusiast with a specialism in new product development and large scale redesigns.

He’s highly capable working as either a Product Manager or UX Designer, most recently combining these attributes in hybrid roles for early stage start-ups.

Outside of work he's a keen tennis player, musician and Arsenal fan and as such you'll likely find him on the court, at a live music venue or at the Emirates Stadium respectively.

His CV is available upon request, or you can check out my - I mean HIS LinkedIn Profile instead.